Lost Remote? How To Find A Lost Remote

How To Find A Lost Remote

My Grandmother used to say that a house never looses anything. If You’ve misplaced your remote it’s around somewhere. Typically there is no band of thieves stealing remotes.

  • Search around the cushions of the couches and chairs in the room with the TV.
  • Check near the telephone and front door. Someone may have been distracted while holding the remote.
  • Ask members of the family if they have seen it.
  • Look at your dog and ask him. Did he have a guilty look on his face?
  • Lastly look in odd places where you wouldn’t expect to find it. Not in closets and such but try out bathrooms hall ways etc.

Remote Hound Can Find Your Remote Replacement

If all else fails Remote Hound can find a replacement for you. On the home page simply enter in the model number of your remote control or TV set. Now if you’ve lost your remote the best thing is to look on either the front or back of your TV for a model number. Another place to check would be the owners manual but if your like me you would have lost that years ago.

If you happen to have a very old TV it is possible that there are no remotes left for sale in existence. A replacement to your original is much more desirable, there is no fancy programing involved and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use one. Chances are that if Remote Hound can’t find your original, no one can. We do however have the easiest and most reliable universal remotes available.