Check out our Remote Control Frequently Asked Questions below. If you’re still unsure, we suggest either searching for your question in our blog or contact us via the contact form on the page here.

Q. I can't find the Model number of my TV remote, VCR remote, Audio remote, Satellite remote or DVD remote because it is lost. How do I get it?

Enter the model number of the equipment the TV remoteVCR remoteAudio remoteSatellite remote or DVD remote operates. If it’s not on the front of the equipment look on the back. Remote Hound will hunt down your desired remote model via the model numbers on the remote, or the numbers on the equipment, and even the Manufacturers Parts numbers. We also have links to the major Manufacturers web sites, such as LogitechPhilips, and RCA, which may give you the information that you require.

Q. Do I have to program these TV remotes, VCR remote, Audio remote, Satellite remotes or DVD remotes?

A. No, Remote Hound specializes in replacing your original or factory TV remoteVCR remoteAudio remoteSatellite remote or DVD remote. It will match the original picture in your owner’s manual and will not need to be programmed. It will operate every feature your remote was intended to operate. If the original remote is no longer available, Remote Hound will find a more suitable substitute that will include all the features without programming. We also guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your TV remoteVCR remoteAudio remoteSatellite remote or DVD remote or we’ll refund your money back in full.

Q. Where is the TV remote's, VCR remote's, Audio remote's, Satellite remote's or DVD remote's model number?

A. Most remote model numbers are on the back side of the equipment the remote originallycame with. You can also find them in the original instruction manual that came with your equipment.

Q. Can you find a TV remote, VCR remote, Audio remote, Satellite remote or DVD remote with a serial number?

A. No, Remote hound needs a model number. Sadly, his nose can’t be trained to find a TV remoteVCR remoteAudio remoteSatellite remote or DVD remote by serial number alone.

Q. Why not just buy a Universal remote?

A. If you’re like most people, your VCR clock isn’t even set yet. If you just so happen to have a degree in rocketry and moonlight as a brain surgeon, they might be your perfect choice. Universal remotes must be programmed to the brand you want to operate. Even after you program it, it may or may not control or work with all the of the features of your TVVCRAudio systemSatellite or DVD player. Not only that, some Universal remotes could cost more then four times your original remote. Why bother?