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Dogie Remote

By July 5, 2016 No Comments


Just when you thing you’ve seen it all now there’s finally a TV remote for you’re family dog.
It would actually work for your cat if you could only make him care about the TV.

The New remote is designed to look like a mat. This way Fido won’t be likely to just use it as a chew toy. The mat gives your dog the chance to change channels. The researchers have created a mat-like device with extra-large multi colored control buttons in colors that a dog can see. The remote also comes with a large paws button, no pun intended. It’s fabricated out of a durable plastic so that Fido can’t chew through to any raw wires.

The remote was designed by IIyena Hirskyj – Douglas, a PhD researcher in animal computer design at the University of Central Lancashire, England. It’s currently being tested by the pet company Wagg on 20 pet owners and their dogs.

Wagg’s goal is to have the dogie remote on the market by next year at a price of around $45. Ms. Hirskyj-Douglas said the new remote is the next step in the growing trend of animal computer iteration. Currently there is a growing trend in pet-focused interactive toys. Ms Hirskyj – Douglas claims that building this TV technology for dogs can provide entertainment for them when they are alone or through participating in activities with us.

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