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Giving machines feelings: How science moves towards creating whiny robots

By November 27, 2012 No Comments

Ray Kurzweil argues that simulation of the human mind is nigh; he does so in his new book, How to Create a Mind. 

The brain may not be so complicated after all, which may come as a shock to contestants on American Idol. Nevertheless, Kurzweil illustrates how the brain is more like a grid system; as Matt Ridley writes, the brain is “a bit like the streets and elevators of Manhattan.”

Ridley summarizes Kurzweil’s argument by writing that the brain is a “set of prediction machines that work by forecasting how a pattern of perceptions will develop.” These perceptions, neuroscientists deduce, can be mimicked and projected onto emotional terrain.

Time for robots to get wistful. Maybe soon my microwave can apologize to me for burning the popcorn; or perhaps it’ll just admit that it burned my popcorn to spite me.

Image Source: Wall-E.

Image Source: Angry Microwave.

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