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Introducing the first 4K UHD TV

By July 20, 2016 No Comments


You may already have one because they have already hit the market but there was no hardware available yet to get the big bang out of your big bucks. On August 2nd Xbox will be releasing the system that will utilize the new technology which will support the new Xbox One S Ultra HD Blu-ray. The system can upscale video games from 1080p to 4k resolution.

There isn’t much that makes a TV manufacturer happier then their ability to add a huger number on their brand new product. Microsoft just hit a big home run by introducing the first 4K UHD TV. 4K describes the amount of pixels or resolution of the set. I is also being used to introduce a whole bunch of new features which will introduce the highest image quality available on a Television.

The new 4K was the top star at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It certainly seemed to blow away the 3D fans and folds looking for something new even though the cost may just send you searching for an alternative. Just be patient though, you may not be the first on your block to have one but eventually something this good will be everywhere at bargain basement prices eventually.

To entice your even further, if the high resolution isn’t enough to tempt you to run out today and buy one there are additional bells and whistles such as High-Dynamic Range, Quantum Dot and even OLED panels.

Let’s make sure you understand what all these things are. 4K again means a much cleared picture quality. It’s more pixels then anything on the market, in fact as high as 8,294,400. If you had to count them it may take a couple of years. But forget that it simply creates images that re much crisper and capable of showing much more details then anything else on the market today. Just so you get the Picture think of your TV as a grid, with rows and columns. A full HD 1080p image is 1080 rows high and 1920 columns wide. The new 4K image pretty much doubles both of these numbers which in turn gives you four times the amount of pixels then your old top of the line TV. So your new TV is almost four times clearer then your old set. The only catch is there isn’t a lot of devises transmitting at that high resolution other then the new X Box One S.

It almost makes sense to wait. You will be paying top dollar for a TV that is capable of playing really high resolution sames from only one system. Honestly it might be would be totally worth it if there were TV shows and other gaming platforms that would utilize this higher resolution but remember patience is a virtue, holding out for a while will just motivate content suppliers to catch up a little quicker.

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