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Remote Control for Your Front Door, Car Door, Train Pass? Oh, My!

By November 13, 2012 No Comments

Our friends in Japan are devising a remote-controlled revolution. Some of these propositions shall not be entirely new to an American audience, but let us give a rundown of these advancements:

1. No keys: car, home, etc.

2. No physical credit cards

3. No train passes

Such advancements sound convenient. Are there any hidden grievances? New technologies reduce costs in multiple sectors (I’ll discuss more in a moment), and the service industry broadens as well. These are good things.

Here are a few off-the-cuff remarks about these innovations, as well as ancillary concerns:

Phone’s break. My iPhone has the flu every week, it seems. Always calling out of work, that iPhone. If I can’t get inside my door, car, or use my check card for this reason, I shall wonder whether phone companies should also furnish a AAA-type service to assist those in distress.

Impersonal medium of exchange. In other words, cash. Moving toward a cashless society is a step toward reducing one’s ability to remain anonymous (the option of anonymity is a staple of a free society). Let us say, for example, that you should be removed from this cashless system–welcome to the world of barter.

Fraud. Be it your e-mail or checking account, fraud is a concern. Imagine how much identity a criminal may absorb when the loot is contained in one source!

With these concerns said, I should look forward to new industries and to the industries that may retire. New doors, no keys, no wallets, reduced cost associated with phones (when more people buy something, the cost goes down), reduced interest rates with credit cards (lower overhead with no more plastic cards being made)–there are many possibilities here.

Image Source: The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Image Source: Robber.



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