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Fast Remote Control Replacement!

THANK YOU!!!!! I just received the remote that I just ordered. WOW!! That was really fast! I just cancelled an order with a competitor because it had already taken over three weeks and there was still no ship date in sight. You folks have definitely got your act together. I will definitely count on you again and send as much business your way as I can.


Ohio, USA

Cheap Remote Controls

My remote wasn’t hard to find but your prices were the best. I bought two. Thanks for not being so greedy.


Maryland, USA

Great Remote Control Website

The dog’s cute and well trained. He found my remote in seconds.


Hawaii, USA

Universal Remotes to Original Remotes

After going through 5 universal remotes I finally got one that works properly. Thanks for having my original in inventory.


Virgina, USA

Missing Remote

With a family of 5, I’m always looking for the remote. Now I have my own and keep it in a secret place. Thanks.


Florida, USA

Five Year Original Remote

I’ve had the same TV for five years and for five years I always had problems with stupid universal remotes. I’m happy that I found this site. I never have to worry about it again.


Massachusetts, USA

Almost Didn’t Get Remote

I was almost Fed up until I discovered you guys. You’ve really come through for me, thanks.


Virginia, USA

Dog Buried Remote

You may not believe this but my dog actually buried my remote in the back yard. I was able to get it to work for a while but it was so filthy I had to throw it away. Thanks for sending my new one so fast.


New Jersey, USA

Old TV, Original Remote

I was ready to throw away my old TV until I heard about you guys.


Idaho, USA

Manufacturer Remote Control

My TV was only six months old and the manufacturer didn’t have a replacement remote. Thanks for the quick service.


Massachusetts, USA

Programming Remotes

I hate programming remotes. I never realized that I could find a website like this one. It was easy to find the original remote that came with my tv. I’m not wasting my money on universal remotes anymore. Thanks Remote Hound!


Texas, USA

Original Remote Control

Universal Remotes are a joke. People just take your money and waste your time. Thanks for sending my original.


South Dakota, USA

Remote Batteries

I talked to my husband yesterday and he gave me a great suggestion, check the batteries. Duh, You lost a sale but I’ll be back. Thanks


California, USA

Excellent Remote Control Customer Service

Sorry for the mix up it was my fault that I put in the wrong info and ordered two by accident. You guys are really on top of things.


Arizona, USA

Long Lost Remote Control

I’ve been without a remote for over a year until I ran across your site. Where have you been all my life?


Wisconsin, USA

Original Remote Heaven

After two days of searching for my remote I just lost hope. I felt so frustrated without one. I’m glad I found this site. It was cheap, easy and best of all it was fast. My thanks to the creators of the ingenious site. Now I have the original remote that came with my tv model, only this one is new!


Georgia, USA

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