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There is a germ infested, dirty, beyond imagination, disease ridden device in your home that is actually threatening you and your family. Even though you and your family use this device on a regular basis you’re probably unaware of it. Yesterday your dog sat on it, your kids ate chicken fingers with their bare hands and handled it and your significant other sneezed on it. Yet it rarely gets cleaned or even wiped off. This device has hundreds of cracks, crevices and holes which harbor some of the most deadly bacteria on earth. It’s not known how many people get sick and die from it’s regular use. Getting rid of these devices would be like getting rid of your car or stove. We simply use it too much. By now you’ve probably realized what device we are talking about. We are almost embarrassed to admit that we sell these little bacteria bombs for a living.

Now that we’ve scared you to death, there is a simple solution. You wash your dishes after you eat. Now don’t, I repeat, DON’T WASH YOUR REMOTE like a dish. You clean your floors, you vacuum your carpet. TV Warning! You need to clean your remote on a regular basis too. Just like anything else in your house you need to clean it on a regular basis.

Cleaning your remote is extremely easy. You’ll wounder why you didn’t think of this yourself.
Here are some instructions for a clean up you can do once a week or more often when someone is sick or you see some obvious contamination.

Step 1- Remove the Batteries

Step 2 – Mix a small amount of dish liquid with a little water, enough to make some suds. Use a small piece of cotton or a q-tip and dip it into the mixture. Roll it around on a paper towel so it’s not too wet, you’ll only want it to be a little damp. Remove any excess fluid with a dry paper towel. Make sure you only use a dab on your swab so you don’t have any excess fluid drip into the remote electronics. Using your swab, gently clean the crevices around the buttons. Keep your swab relatively clean and remember you don’t want it too wet. It may take a few swabs to get this totally clean. Use a tooth pick to remove any dirt from the seam between the two halves of the remote. You can dip the tooth pick in the soapy water as well.

Step 3 – With a lint free cloth dampen it in some of the soapy water mixture and clean off the rest of the remote. Make sure that the cloth is just damp, you don’t want it to be dripping wet. Now for an extra clean remote use a clean fresh lint free cloth and moisten with a solution that’s one part vinegar mixed with two parts water. The soapy liquid is best to clean the oil and dirt while the vinegar is best for the germs and bacteria. Both will help ensure the cleanest remote. Make sure you get all the sides of the remote and the inner cover and battery compartment. Let it sit for a few moments and before you return the batteries make sure the remote is totally dry. There you have it.


Don’t preform any of these cleaning steps with the batteries in, always take them out first and make sure your remote is dry before reinstalling.

Don’t ever clean your remote in a dish washer.

Avoid Clorox wipes. They will definitely clean your remote but over time will damage the rubber buttons on your unit.

A couple of quick tricks to keep your remote clean. You can wrap your remote in cellophane plastic remote and re-wrap it from time to time. Keeping your remote in a sandwich bag is a great short cut too.The sandwich bag method works great for spilled liquids too!

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