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Jon Snows’, alive

By May 11, 2016 No Comments


Last season everyone was depressed because Jon Snow of the Game of Thrones was murdered. There was a lot of speculation that he would be back though. The popular characters always seem to return somehow…Jon Snows’, alive.

Although he was killed months ago, it was just months in TV time. There was of course the first show of the season which was a week and almost a whole other show before he exploded back to life. I believe in TV time he was only technically dead a day or so. In real life it would matter a lot but there aren’t any Dragons in real life either, although there was my x-wife.

Now everyone is happy. In the viewing public that is. On another topic quite a few people were killed lately and will doubtfully return. Ramsey Bolton went on a rampage killing his father Roose Bolton and his lovely wife and child. Obviously he will do anything to get ahead and save on dog food while doing it.

Tyrion Lannister drank a little too much and decided to free the two large dragons in the basement. The dragons seemed friendly enough to him, guess he wasn’t big enough for a meal. It must be time to fly back to Mommy, it seems she could use some help anyway. She doesn’t have much pull with anyone when the dragons aren’t backing her up.

Last Sunday’s show started with the scene of Jon taking a breath of fresh air again. Which is exactly how the
show ended the week before. Of course he made everyone who tried to kill him hang for it. Then he just got up passed on his really nice furry coat and left. He could do that because you only have to serve the Knight’s watch until you die and since he did that, he took his paid leave of absence, hasta la vista baby!

The head priest and queen mother aren’t getting along very well. She has a new friend that’s the size of a tank. Can’t wait to see him fully mobilized. He already broke someone in half for basically getting in his way.

Arya Stark finally got her vision back, guess she got tired of being poked, prodded and running into walls. She still refuses to admit to who she is, which at this point isn’t a bad plan at all. I guess we’ll see what happens soon.

Let us know how you like it so far.

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