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Rick and Morty: Rick is in a Pickle

By August 21, 2017 No Comments

Or should I say, Rick is a Pickle.


I used to live for cartoons. As a kid all I remember doing was watching cartoons. Then somehow and I’m not sure when, I just seemed to stop watching, at least until I had my own kids. Honestly though, although they were always watching  cartoons, I never really watched or at least remember watching them.


Eventually my kids grew up and the cartoons stopped playing,  until I found my oldest at the ripe old age of 26 watching Rick and Morty. This cartoon certainly isn’t anything a kid in grade school should be watching, so if your find your younger son or daughter watching, make sure they don’t have a TV in their room and send them to it.  


The characters are a little complex at first until you understand them. Rick is an older, somewhat mad scientist with the ability to travel through multidimensional universes. His side-kick is Morty  who is Rick’s grandson. Other cast members include Morty’s parents who are currently separated, and his older sister, Summer along with a cast of inter-dimensional characters from around the universe who are from different time lines.  Confused yet? I thought so. You’ll just have to watch a few episodes to get a grasp of things.


Maybe if I tell you about the last show I watched… Rick, the mad scientist decided to turn himself into a green pickle in order to avoid going to visit the family psychologist . Of course Rick being a pickle had no arms or legs so all he could do is lie there. Morty walked into his lab which was in the garage and was somewhat upset to find his grandfather that way. So he left the room without him and went with his mother and sister to the Psychologist’s office. Rick, frustrated that he can’t do much without arms or legs, started rocking back and forth until he accidentally rolled off the table, onto the garage floor and out of the garage door into the parking lot. When he finally came to a stop he found himself baking in the sun. Almost totally dehydrated and facing death thankfully  it began to rain. Becoming re-hydrated he rolled himself down the driveway and into a sewer drain. Falling down the drain and rolling through the sewer he came to rest only to find himself surrounded by hundreds of large gross Sewer Rats.


Finding himself in another Pickle, Rick was able to find scraps of metal and fabricate extremely powerful superhuman  mechanical arms and legs. This gave Rick the power to defeat the Rat horde and make his way back the laboratory where he could take an antidote enabling him to return to his human self.   


Please Note: After reading through this article that I just wrote, I realized you’re just going to have to watch this episode yourself. It’s simply to difficult to describe.

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