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Netflix has set the bar high

By July 21, 2016 No Comments

1) Netflix has set the bar high by spending several billion dollars in 2016 on the premise that content is King!. Their goal is to continue offering top quality content featuring top talent in acting and sports. So far they are leading the way as the number one content provider.

2) The more content that becomes available the more band with companies are going to have to provide to deliver and compete. The pressure continues to grow on Content Distribution Networks and various core presentation industries. These companies are fighting to stay current with the new technologies.

3) With a large amount of new device technologies such as smart phones, tablets and wearable tech there is a greater demand for mobile aps. They are growing in popularity and the raise in demand for bandwidth is significant. With the availability of video on demand on mobile devices tends to drive this trend.

4) Technology is growing. Choice is an important quality in American and even global culture. Today more and more choices are available and there is a wave of new choices coming in the near future.

5) Content, content, content! Amazon and Facebook have recently entered the battle with ownership and control of video rights. There is mounting pressure for providers to constantly deliver more and better content on a regular basis. Netflix has set the bar very high even before most content providers noticed. They have actually pulled the rug out from under the cable business and have gotten a great head start. Now it’s time for the competition to put some money on the line to try to compete.


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