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By August 21, 2016 No Comments

This is one of those shows that you just stumble into. Being a true to life sinner, this isn’t a show I would normally watch. I think it was just the style of the “Preacher” that caught my eye. The silver collar tips that adorned his collar, his western boots or his short side high top hair style. Maybe it was just his beard. In any case he certainly looked like a stylin’ bad boy Preacher.

The series was produced from a Marvell comic book series released much earlier. If I would tell you that this is a bizarre story line I may just be understating it. The story starts with a small asteroid or comet blasting around the moon and into the earth but before it hits the scene cuts into a church service in Africa. A ghost type image delivered by the falling object fly’s in thru the front door and seems to possess the preacher. At first it looks like he’s received some unknown power until he spontaneously combusts.

What happens in Africa remains a mystery. The scene cuts back to our Preacher and his close friends. One was an old lover who used to live with him as a child until his preacher father had her sent to a foster home. The other is an Irish Vampire who loves to drink alcohol or gasoline if they’re out of the later. He’s a vampire, nothing will kill him but the usual vampire killing things like daylight and I’m not sure about a steak in the heart since no one seemed to mention it. A beautiful church girl with a couple of kids who the town Mayor is in love with and the Sheriff’s kid who tried to blow his head off with a shot gun but instead left him looking like his anus was in the middle of his face. I hope I wasn’t too graphic but you really have to just watch this because trying to describe it will just make me seem deranged.

Now the Preacher is bestowed a power giving him the ability to command anyone to do anything and they WILL do it without question. Of course he doesn’t know he has this power at first so he doesn’t tend to abuse it. The power only seems to become noticeable when the priest looses his temper and tells the sheriff’s kid to go to hell. Then he realizes his friend is a Vampire, his girl friend is off to kill an old partner in crime. Oh and did I mention the rich owner of a nasty slaughter house next door who wants to expand his business by taking over the church and the surrounding property.

I didn’t want to mention the angels dressed like cowboys and God, yes God himself who turns out to be…OH just watch it yourself, you probably already think I’m making this all up. Just trust me, this one is worth watching. Five Stars!


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