No products were found matching your selection.

There were no products matching your search criteria, but don't lose hope! Try searching for your code using these possible variations:

1. A Dash "-":

Try writing your remote's product code like these examples:

  • CT-13R38SG
  • CT1338SG
  • 13R38SG

2. Recheck the Number:

Recheck your model number off the back of your TV, DVD, Audio, etc., or part number on the remote.

3. Letters & Numbers

Try to make sure that if your product code contains the letter "O" that it is indeed a letter and not the number "0", and vice-versa:

  • Number "5" / Letter "S"
  • Number "0" / Letter "O"
  • Number "1" / Letter "I"
  • Number "8" / Letter "B"

If you still need help, please contact us here and one of our representatives will reply to your questions shortly.