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Free Movies and TV Shows

By May 15, 2016 No Comments


Well in an earlier blog post I wrote about attaching a cheap antenna to your TV to get news and local TV stations. It only costs a few bucks and it is only a one time charge. If you want more and have an internet connection with a little research you can connect your TV to a computer and have even more choices than you had before. Starting with Netflix my favorite for only $8.50 per month it’s become my number one place to go for movies and TV shows. There are also a variety of other played movie sites available. But, in addition to that I’ve found a bunch of other Free Movies and TV Shows on a variety of other websites. In most cases you will have to wait at least a day to view the newer shows but like I said it’s all FREE! Offering paid and FREE movies and TV shows. If you just want to go for the free route there is a filter you can choose and change from All Videos to Free movies. Search around it’s worth a look. From TV shows to films in all categories. It’s a totally free streaming service. Picks up its free content from Vimeo and YouTube. The content includes old cult classics to newer independent movies. It also includes documentaries, short films, animations and Full TV series. You may have already guessed this, yea it’s all old movies including mostly classics and vintage films. It even includes silent movies. This site has a collection of Free fan films which are streamed online. Independent films and TV series submitted by directors and production companies. A website owned by Screen Media Ventures who is an independent distributor of movies. They carry movies and original content.

Retrovision Classic Movies: More Classic Cinema content online with over 600 movie titles. Over 3,000 documentaries in twenty-five categories. Content is pulled from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion.

Major TV networks’ websites: ABC NBC and even some cable channels like Comedy Central and Lifetime have full episodes which can be found on their own website. Contains movies and series which are hard to find anywhere else. /they over real niche movies, cult series, and film festival favorites. Classics and hidden gems from all around the world. Touts itself as being the largest source of free documentaries online. The films are pulled from video-hosting sites such as YouTube. You will need a special app for viewing on any android mobile devices. A collection of over 5,000 independent movies, TV shows and documentaries.You will need an app for Android and Apple mobile devices. The largest source of free short films online. This site was developed nineteen years ago as a nonprofit organization to build an internet library. I offers access to researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities and the public. It is a large collection all in digital format with over 2 million user uploaded items ranging from classic full length films, daily alternative news broadcasts, cartoons and concerts.

Try a few and give us some feed-back, we’d love to know what you think.


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