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One Punch and I fell to the ground.

By August 28, 2016 No Comments

One punch and I fell to the ground, it was lights out for me. I was only 14 and my best friend got a pair of boxing gloves for his birthday. Well what would you do if your friend got boxing gloves? You’d box of course. It was the first time I ever boxed, professionally. We’ll there was no one to pay us but we did have boxing gloves, it was just like a real fight.

I found out that my friend had a weak spot. He was left handed and I was right. Whenever I came in from the top right I would connect. When your 14 and you find an advantage, friend or no friend you tend to capitalize on it. He stayed open for several rounds and I kept connecting. I wasn’t winning though because it just served to make him madder. Then he came at me with an upper cut to the jaw. I literally saw stars and hit the ground, it totally knocked me out for five or six seconds. That was the first and last time I got knocked out in a fight. Not because I’m good but because I don’t get into fights.

The entertainment and movie world is totally different though. We see so much we don’t even notice it. I really don’t think there’s an action movie out there where someone doesn’t get into a fight and their opponent doesn’t get knocked out, stabbed, blown up or shot. Did I forget to mention drowned or dropped out of an airplane? Wait there’s more, pistol wiped and knocked over the head with a bottle, bat, candlestick holder, chair, small table, lamp…go ahead you can name a few too I’m sure. They all sound familiar though, don’t they? The funny thing is that I didn’t even mention explosions or crashes.

The truth is that violence is simply over exaggerated because we love to watch it. If it weren’t, there wouldn’t be any action heroes or action movies. How boring would that be? When you think about it there are probably only a few movies without some type of violence but I really can’t think of any, can you?

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