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The End of the TV Remote?

By July 7, 2016 No Comments


There have literally been thousands of Brands of different TV’s and remote controls made throughout the years. They are all basically the same but all a little different. What I mean is that the volume button on your Sony remote may also work a few dozen other brand TV’s but not all the functions will work all the TV’s. Seems that every company works hard to have their own remotes although they are all basically really the same device.

The TV industry is constantly moving forward. TV’s are getting cheaper, or larger. The color is brighter or higher resolution. The sound is in surround sound or stereo. Every year there is something new. This quest is created by manufacturers to sell more products.

Vizio has recently come out with a new kind of TV set that uses a very unique type of remote. It’s a 6-inch tablet controller which acts like a traditional, internet-connected tablet. It changes your volume and channels. If you lose it, no problem, simply download the Vizio remote app to your cell phone and use it from there. It still doesn’t solve the problem of getting rid of the TV remote. If your kids want to change the channel do you really want them playing with your cell phone? Or maybe you could get some real serious family time by waiting on stand-by to change the channel for them.

The Tech community keeps saying that we are coming to The End of the TV Remote? How? I don’t know. Maybe a piece of electronics will someday be installed in your head. Until then though, I really don’t think there will be a short term solution other the Remote Hound of course.

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