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Your I-Phone as a Remote

By July 6, 2016 No Comments

Sure you use your i-phone for making calls and sending texts but there are thousands of apps available that will let you do so much more. You can even control a ton of stuff around your house including your TV. Now keep in mind that there still isn’t a perfect replacement for your original TV remote but your I-Phone as a Remote can really come in handy when you miss-place your original TV remote in some cases.

Your DVR

Most DVR’s today have awful interfaces, but you can operate it with an app available from Comcast and other cable-internet providers. The app is available for your iPhone or iPad.

Your Security System

Almost all security companies are now offering apps that let you control your security from your iPhone. This can be handy when you need to let someone into your house but don’t want to give up your codes.

Your media center.

With a simple ad on of a small device that plugs into your charging port you can change your iPhone into an extremely easy to use universal remote. It’s called the L-5 remote add-on. Easy to program, you just point your old remote at the sensor and click the button.

Your lights

Philip’s Hue light bulbs can now be easily controlled via a free app for the iPhone. You’ll be able to turn your homes lights on as you get close to your house at night.

Your Thermostat

Cool It. Not only can you control the “Nest thermostat from anywhere with your iPhone but it can also connect to the internet via wi-fi. This will enable you to pre-program your house to be at different temperatures at different times and even on different days.

Your Canon Camera.

Smile, you can use your i-Phone as a shutter release enabling you to take a family shot at any time. There are also all kinds of settings that you can operate with the EOS app from Canon.

The PlayStation 3

Although Sony makes phones of their own they decided to make an app for the iPhone that gives you access to your PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Network where ever in the world you are. Now you can buy new games to play when you get home while your out of town.

The Roomba

Roomba is great at keeping most floors clean but there are times when it would be nice to have a little more control. This app lets you control the Roomba to go exactly where you would like it to go. It’s almost like having a remote control override that lets you clean up the really dirty spots quickly.

Remote Control Toys.

A mobile video camera called the “Spy Tank” can attach to any remote control toy from a car to any aircraft. You can even attach it to your dog or cat, but don’t expect them to be too happy about it. It’s controlled via iPhone and can record both pictures and video that can be uploaded directly to most of your social media.

Door Locks

Black and Decker is now offering a new set of locks that can be locked and unlocked using a key or your i-Phone. The locks also work via key for those with low tech spouses

Baby Monitor.

A new monitor called the BabyPing Video Monitor lets you keep a watchful eye from anywhere on your phone. It can even send you a notification when it senses that your baby had woken up. It’s really great for monitoring the baby sitter or just making sure your husband is doing a good job.

Your Car

More and more car manufacturers have apps that let you control may functions in their vehicle. Most can control their locks, air conditioning and heating from anywhere. This allows you ti warm up you car on one of those cold winter days or cool it off in the heat of summer.
Tore has an new app for the electric Focus that goes a step further. It will let you monitor and control its charging as well as plan your routes in advance giving you power to spare. A critical item in an electric car.

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